Friday, June 24, 2016

Recovery From Opiate Addiction

At one time, drug addicts were viewed as a creepy individual that inhabited alley ways looking to score drugs. Today, we realize that drug addiction affects people from every walk of life. Drug addiction or more precisely, opiate addiction might affect a housewife next door, a graduate student, a grandparent, a teacher, doctor, lawyer, celebrity, beauty queen, model, baby sitter, or the teen delivering the newspaper. Opiate addiction is a new phenomena that is slowly taking over the country. Just about everyone knows someone that has experienced a drug problem now or in the past. However, opiate addiction treatment has saved numerous lives.

Understanding Opiates

Most people who were prescribed opiates did not plan on becoming addicted to the pain killing drug. Usually, a medical professional prescribed the drug for a person that was experiencing unusually intense pain due to a physical injury or because of a recent operation. The fact is that the pain relieving ability of the opiate diminishes over time. The individual has to take more of the drug to receive the same euphoric, pain relieving effect. This leads to the individual becoming entirely depended on the drug. They find it difficult to function without the drug in their system. Soon, they develop withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms force the user to continue taking the drug to reduce the symptoms, reduce pain, and find euphoric relief. Clearly, the only way to find permanent relief is with opiate addiction treatment.

 Addiction Symptoms

Perhaps, you suspect that a loved one is suffering with opiate addiction. It is a good idea to recognize some of the addiction symptoms. The most identifiable opiate addiction symptoms include chronic need for the drug, uncontrollable cravings, strong personality changes, development of relationship problems with family and friends. It is critical to convince your friend or family member to seek opiate addiction treatment, if these addiction symptoms are apparent.

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